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Message Subject Another Sandy Hook Inconsistency - Caught on local talk radio
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I live in Connecticut, and was listening to the Jim Vicevich show today on WTIC Hartford. The last caller of the day was a guy named Steve, who claimed his granddaughter was a first grade student in Ms. Soto's class when the shooting occured. According to the caller, his granddaughter witnessed the murder of Soto and several classmates, then escaped with the other unharmed children by running out of the room when the shooter reloaded. He was specific about recounting these details, though the point of his call was to push for more mental profiling, or "nut control" as he termed it.

Now if his story is legit, it absolutely conflicts with the official narrative, which says that the surviving students from Ms. Soto's class stayed hidden in the closet (or bathroom?) until found by the police. See the Hartford Courant link below:
[link to www.courant.com]

So, either the caller is a crackpot, and he didn't really sound like one, or the official story is, shall we say, flawed. Incidently, the host failed to acknowledge the inconsistency.
 Quoting: GladioDaddy-O

no it's a "true story". one interview said the kids simply ran past the shooter out the door. This specific kid, last name 'lacata' or something, was found by the parents at the police station! Guess what happened as the parents were being interviewed on Wolf's segment? The audio cut out just as they were talking about the kid running past the gunman.
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