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Message Subject Another Sandy Hook Inconsistency - Caught on local talk radio
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28535621

I've been inside a classrom sized room where just one gunshot was fired--a .38--my ears hurt/rang for minutes--if dozens of rifle shots were fired, with hard block walls and wood doors and no carpeting, the sound bouncing--those kids should have been half-deaf and holding their hurting ears--I didn't see any of that in the reunited with parents pics, at all
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29757732

Maybe th last thing they were worried about was their fucking ears.

Good lord man....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4284531

To the guy who said the above: that's not the point. The point is, they wouldn't have been able to hear the gunman asking 'where are the kids' and Soto's alleged reply, 'at the other end of the building.' They're feeding us a fairy tale again and this time it's so obvious.
 Quoting: GladioDaddy-O

My point exactly--those tender ears would not be hearing anything but ringing, not conversation outside the closet.
There is a reason people wear ear cups at shooting ranges..so they can hear the rest of the day something other than ringing.
The only way anyone could be quoting the supposedly heroic Ms. Soto, whose original(now down the memory hole) RIP Victoria Soto FB page was created on December 10, would be if they had surveillance cams with quality audio, that recorded.
Not a mention by the cops of that, nor, surprizingly, no query as to where the surveillance video from the brand new $500000 security system is. Surely there is video at the front entrance that would show Lanza kicking or shooting his way through the glass panel beside the door. But shooting your way into a school, rather than being buzzed in by the principal who supposedly recognized you, as the son of a teacher, as was reported by the NY Times, no less, the morning of the event, would maybe kinda alert the entire wing that something bad--gunshots--was happening and the intruder-defense plan would go into effect immediately until the all-clear was sounded.
The principal herself was quoted by the Bee as saying there were more shots than she could count, that went on and on--in an interview before the site was secured--later retracted and the interview attributed to some other female, unnamed, "not the principal"
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