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Message Subject Goodbye to Animal Ownership, Goodbye to Animals? Love Won’t Allow It
Poster Handle BAD WOLF
Post Content
My family has always had a pet or have raised animals. Most of the pets we've had came off of the streets because we saw them abandoned on some street corner, outside in sub-zero degree weather, or by the road.

I don't see how this will be beneficial to animals let alone humans. Because domesticated animals won't beable to survive very long in the wild. Considering their fur is usually the wrong color to blend in unlike those of their wild cousins, not to mention they more than likely have no clue how to hunt because they've lived off of what was fed to them by humans.
Then there's animals who cannot fend for themselves because they're mentally and physically handicapped.

As for humans? Well animals to them can be considered a part of the family and would probably cause people to mentally break down if our government were to take and kill their beloved animals. And with how stressed out as everyone has been as of late this would only go bad. Animals can be a form of therapy and bring back someone feeling on the verge of hopelessness.

While I agree that there should be some sort of regulation on animal ownership, I don't believe this would be the best method. A way to help the humane societies would be to encourage people into adopting rather than having them look into animal breeders. Infact possibly put more effort in their funding would probably help them rather than taking our rights to have an animal away from us.
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