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Message Subject Goodbye to Animal Ownership, Goodbye to Animals? Love Wonít Allow It
Poster Handle wishiwas
Post Content
As astounding as it may seem, laws and regulations have been or are now being put into place to remove the right for Americans to own animals. This is being done under many pretexts, all of them bogus, all camouflaged as beneficial for either the animals or public.

[link to foodfreedomgroup.com]
 Quoting: ^TheWatchMan^

Owning an animal is not a "right", you insensitive piece of garbage. It's called kidnapping and imprisonment. Let the animals be free.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12430998

Are you insane?

You release animals that have no idea how to fend for themselves, who have been raised by people for THOUSANDS of years? What exactly do you expect to happen? Do you think that tea cup poodles are going to revert back to a fucking wolf?

You have no idea of the ramifications of your proposed actions. Or you're fishing with some seriously stinky bait.

You will never, EVER, take my dogs away from me. They wouldn't go. Know why? Because they know they belong with me. I care for them, unlike you seem to, we work together, play together, they helped us raise our children. I picked one up off the highway after he had been hit. He will never leave my side. And ill fuck anyone up who tries to make him. Or any of my other beloved pets.
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