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Message Subject Goodbye to Animal Ownership, Goodbye to Animals? Love Won’t Allow It
Poster Handle MzTreeChick
Post Content
Four weeks before christmas local council did street sweeps on cats. Several months ago it was banana trees...
(banana trees are illegal in Queensland)

Didn't matter if cats on your own property or inside your house ALL CATS MUST BE REGISTERED. The council made notes of addresses checked their computer system and then went door knocking demanding compliance to local law.

* all cats must be registered and preferably chipped (desexing by choice only - FYI OUR CATS ARE DESEXED)
Rego renewal ever year approx $50ea cat.

* all cats must be 24/7 confined to own property and under 24/7 supervision. We have a large block of land esp for the cats, we also have a highset house so the cats have all of the double garage and down stairs game area. (Not good enough for the council, either inside 24/7 or fully enclosed cat cage/run)

* Any more than 2 cats requires a council authorized permit!!!

So we have now spent $500 on a cat cage/run and cat rego barely weeks before christmas to do the right thing even if we don't agree with it and yet still have to put up with next doors dog who takes great pleasure at barking at us in our own backyard on a daily basis AND have the council guy standing on the council strip out front of our property trying to see into our backyard to 'check' on the situation, after the verbal lashing he got off me the first time he is too scared to step foot on our yard but doesn't stop him from looking though.

SIDE NOTE: Brisbane city council has spent over $215Mil to revamp their council chambers but it is too expensive to pay the $150Mil to remove fluoride from our water supply 'It's not forced medication bwaa ha ha ha ha'


hf rockon
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