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Message Subject Goodbye to Animal Ownership, Goodbye to Animals? Love Wonít Allow It
Poster Handle 071676
Post Content
As astounding as it may seem, laws and regulations have been or are now being put into place to remove the right for Americans to own animals. This is being done under many pretexts, all of them bogus, all camouflaged as beneficial for either the animals or public.

[link to foodfreedomgroup.com]
 Quoting: ^TheWatchMan^

When I first read this a few days ago, my first thought was that the police didn't want anyone to have any dogs that would alert the owners of the unwelcome police attack. People raise hell when the law shoots a dog for doing what they do best (sounding an alarm, protecting it's family), and the police have no acceptable right to shoot dogs. But in order to hide the true reason for the laws, they must make it for all animals, no matter how stupid, asinine, unconstitutional, and simply inhuman.
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