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Message Subject Goodbye to Animal Ownership, Goodbye to Animals? Love Won’t Allow It
Poster Handle InTheHood
Post Content
I'd be in trouble. Agreed too many homeless neglected and abused animals (sorta like the humans nowadays).
Now onto the topic of adoption, yeah right. I tried for over a year. What I ran into was:

Being a first time adoptee application, well, I was way down the list for a sane, sound, and safe dog; long waiting list, and some rescues didn't appreciate the living conditions, i.e, farm out in the middle of nowhere where dog would be allowed to run free (after whistle broke of course), be subject to possible coyote confrontation(yeah), have a job to do, be allowed to chase bunnies, etc., intermingle with the horses, etc. oh, no, they wanted owners that were home all the time.

Well, that's why we have a 6 foot fenced in backyard on acreage, for when we can't be home for a stretch, with access into heated shelter, not good enough. Oh, dog would have companion dog too, still not good enough (and when I say gone for a stretch, I'm not talking days, just maybe 8-12 hours if and when necessary, not that often, but it happens). Otherwise someone is almost always home.

Now, granted, probably lots of people willing to adopt that are home all day, but that's the point, I couldn't get a decent one because of our rural living...I'm like WTH?

Then, oh, abusive hot fence, well, it's there for a purpose, keeps the animals IN, they don't dig out if you have hot tape running around the perimeter towards the bottom of the fence...only took my dog 1 shock to NEVER try to dig out again (many moons ago), but would I use it again for a digger or climber? You bet,it works...they didn't like that.

Anyway...I Just GAVE UP! Hell, I just wanted a confident, sound, sane GSD that would like the GOOD DOG LIFE! Protect the perimeter of property, keep the wild critters at bay; alert us to strangers, be trustworthy and a friend/protector to the grand kids...that's about it.

They were looking for a home that would babysit the damn animal 24/7 and put it in bubble-wrap...so much for the adoption process...all I can say is hey sometimes a critter just has to be a critter.

Like we're going to bubble-wrap a farm dog. Then all these other requirements, like mandatory obedience classes, I'm like huh? We can train the dogs, we've trained quite a few, they get it after 4-6 months, and we manage them carefully in the process...we know what we need the dogs to learn.

Nope had to be professional classes..I'm like, no, I'm not going there, I live in a rural area, I'm not spending 10 hours a week driving here/there, that's 10 hours a week I can spend at home with the dog training it to our living conditions and expectations of behavior. Some of these rescues are just over-the-top in their requirements.

Our dogs are vetted, taken well care of, have vet references...they were still hum-hawing around about oh the dog might get out and run away or get hurt by the coyotes or horses...I'm like yeah, sure beats getting put down. We risk our lives daily going to work to feed them...

Geez, dog could have had great home, and that wasn't good enough because we didn't meet the very stringent criteria. We could have saved a couple good dogs. Ended up buying a puppy and starting over. I'll never try again.
Or, if I do, it will be from a private owner that just wants a good home for their dog and doesn't mind allowing the dog to go to a home where it will have a job to do and be a dog! My dogs earn their keep, right along w/us and are rewarded handsomely for it.

P.S. Our farm dogs are indoor dogs, not outdoor dogs. For crying out loud, they snooze on the sofa...still not good enough for the rescues because of above issues.

Rant off :)
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