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round of applause for colorado and washington state

boozie the clown
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12/20/2012 08:44 PM
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round of applause for colorado and washington state
Well done you two, a fine effort may you long relish the fruits of your labour. Although it is early days one does sit and ponder upon the greater ramifications of these two noble states valiant achievement. There are already rumblings south of your border, quite justfied rumblings in my opinon, coming from the Mexican government over their obligation now to enforce laws that do nothing but streach an already overburdened security budget in a country crippled by these shameful drug prohibition laws. Laws that only the severely brain-damaged could possibly see any value in. Let me ask oh you champions of the war on drugs when exactly are these prohibition laws going to start having an effect? It's been about 100 hundred years now that they been in place, and drug use per capita has done nothing but go up. Not to mention the jaw-dropping exponetial growth in the amount of money being spent on enforcing these hypocrital laws. Don't you think prehaps now it might be time to sit down and have a talk about maybe some alternative ways to deal with recreational drug use in society? Or do you all simply have the I.Q. of a fucking earthworm?