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Message Subject US stock futures waaaaaay down DOOM ON
Poster Handle Children of the Atom
Post Content

Hello??? Is this thing on????

 Quoting: TheTortureKing

FYI, future are simply trading during international hours for all intensive purposes. If the nyse opens based on the futures 5% below, it's really not a big deal. We have done this, countless times before.

If you see a 1,000+ point drop, come in behing the canary in the coal mine... even 750/500 is pretty bad, but has happened.

But 200 points...? rolleyes
 Quoting: Children of the Atom

Okeedoke. We'll see what happens in just a few hours. Hope you're right.
 Quoting: TheTortureKing

Don't misunderstand me because I don't know everything and I am using history as a reference point. Again things have changed dramatically.

Regardless, this is not pretty to look at but as someone has noted very cyclical in the nature of the market.

Although, typically high volatility is rather common because of the lack of market volume on the exchanges. It doesn't take much to push a stock either way because the demand on all sides is very very light.

Secondly if the rumor of the Fed charter expiring tomorrow is correct - then this is an interesting event indeed.

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