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Message Subject Bright Red / Blue / Green / Etc... sky flashes
Poster Handle ItSeesThroughEyes
Post Content
I'm south subs of Chicago, and was just driving home, all of a sudden the entire sky lit up with multiple multi colored brighter then I have ever seen before flashes.

We're in the middle of a storm right now, cloudy as hell, and it lit the clouds up bright as hell. No thunder, and it was way crazier then lightning. Serious it was multi colored and lit the entire sky up.

I saw 3 flashes light up the sky around me, but couldn't see directly as I was driving, I freaked out, pulled over and looked up, I saw 1 more directly, and I don't know wtf it was.

Anyone else see this? Freaky as hell, i'm a bit scared.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6756538

dude im from south side of chgo too. That's a Harvest taking place. for their 300k human daily "quota". stay indoors. I was caught outside once before. The spirits knocked trees down to close off that road so I couldn't continue onwards. Ill never forget it. How bright it got . in pitch darkness. blue light maybe 40miles wide.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4042505

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