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Message Subject HAARP sure is picking something up and /or sending out a strong signal now.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Well, the planet breathes and on occasions, there are huge gasps or "breathing outs" which equates to the planet expanding in consciousness. Our consciousness is tied with that of the earth. So, as the earth expands in consciousness so do we and vice versa.

The job of HAARP is to keep this from happening by bombarding it with ELF. However this is an inevitable feat because the planet wins eventually and when the planet does get that opportunity to expand its consciousness, its gonna be huge and spectacular.

Why wont HAARP allow this? Well, most people don't realise that our present way of life is actually living in an invisible prison cell. The system doesn't want this to end and so keep people and earth's consciousness from expanding because it will mean the end of our current unsustainable way of life and it will be so epic and grand that it will be beyond the powers of the TPTB to control or contain. It means the end of their power structure as people become awakened.

So HAARP is spiking because its it trying to contain a huge energy influx.
 Quoting: Ohwell

Hmm... Very interesting take.
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