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Message Subject Eerie Red Sky in GA!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
About ten miles from Athens, GA, here and in the country. I saw the pink/red sky too. It wasn't like a normal red sunset. Everything took on a reddish glow. It was, however, at sunset. What seemed to be happening here was this: we had had heavy rain for much of the day. The rain largely stopped about an hour before sunset. The clouds started lifting, but we were still covered. I imagine the layer of clouds was fairly thin and caused a prism sort of effect, getting just the reddish part of the spectrum. I will agree that it was weird looking, but it just lasted for a few minutes and diminished in intensity. Within about an hour, I went out to smoke a cig and there were hardly any clouds in the sky and the wind was picking up. The wind died down after ten, but is now back fairly strong. As other posters said, it is the back, Southern side of the same storm that is causing the blizzard in the mid-west and east.
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