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Message Subject Something please happen - I don't want to have to live in a Socialist Amerika
Poster Handle krosty
Post Content
you morons do not deserve anything socialist.

you dont know SHIT about what socialism is, you are properly scared from it by your rich handlers on top of you, so you wont challenge their rule.

you deserve to live like the little bitches you have been made into, believing in that you have 'freedom' (only as free as your wallet) and that you can 'somehow' 'make it' and become a billionaire. and in that mindset you keep supporting those who suck off your blood while they drink $10,000-a-bottle champagne every night.

barking and yelping about 1.8% of your national income you pay to social security, all the while saying NOTHING about the top 1% rich which get 72% of everything even before it lands in your pocket and can even be taxed.

ignorant, idiot, 'temporarily inconvenienced' billionaires, half of you.

in streetspeak, 'stupid'.

good for you !!! you have succeeded in getting exploited in freaking 21st century, with all the information, news and amenities under your hand !!! keep it up !! the rich need morons - keep working like the little bitch you are so that they can swoosh 72% of every 100 dollars they make, EVEN BEFORE it lands in your pocket !!! (2005 statistic even. worse now)

[link to www2.ucsc.edu]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27019763

Thank you.

The government doesn't care about our voice because money talks and corporations are the ones giving them the money. The government should take their money and buy them out with it, then they can be held accountable by our votes.

Fuck the rich.
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