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Message Subject Something please happen - I don't want to have to live in a Socialist Amerika
Poster Handle SevenThunders
Post Content
For those of you who love socialism or respect communism, please stand down and go quietly smoke dope and receive your government handouts and forget that you even pretended to have a legitimate voice in any political discussion.

You know nothing about history, about human nature or about basic economics. You are illegitimate carpet baggers in this discussion. When you learn to put down the hash pipe, and think about someone besides yourself, we can talk, but not while your emotional and intellectual maturity is at the pre-school level.

Tell me why Winston Churchill said this quote?
'Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.'

Do you think it might be because he directly witnessed the effects of Marx's and Engel's philosophies throughout the world?

Socialism and it's twin brother Marxism are responsible for the greatest misery and the greatest number of deaths in the shortest time in world history.

Between Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Kim Il etc. we've seen close to 200 million dead or slaughtered. The Pilgrims tried socialism when they came to New England. Result: 50% dead of starvation. No one would plant crops when they assumed the other person would do it.

Socialism presumes two fatal and false assumptions. The first is that mankind, on his own efforts can achieve a utopian society. The second is that the economy is a fixed pie, that is large enough to be evenly distributed to all, thereby guaranteeing plenty.

The first is false because of what the Bible makes very clear. We are desperately wicked and fallen from God's grace. The second requires something beyond a first graders view of the economy. There is not enough money or resources currently available to save everyone from poverty. The average worlds GDP is $9K per year, well below poverty level. It's not the total resources that matters but the capacity to produce that matters. That requires technology, the pooling of capital, and most importantly the promise of great reward for taking risks.

If you don't aggregate capital among capable people you will never see new innovations, let alone the creation of hospitals, schools roads or even the ability to plant and grow next years crops. Socialism = satanism . It is a technique of aggregating power into the hands of evil men so that they can reward their evil buddies and leave you wallowing in misery. Many soviet bureaucrats wrote glowingly of the importance of creating misery in order to advance proper collective thinking.

I get particularly angry at the commie lovers since these creeps stole all my family's wealth twice! Once in Russia and once in China and slaughtered all 5 of my great uncles. I'd prefer to not see that tragedy repeated. But apparently the dumbocrats and the Obama useful idiots can't fully comprehend the consequences of their actions.
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