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Message Subject I could Be the Nobody, and I feel like I've failed..
Poster Handle DreamWarrior
Post Content
Yesterday Morning I was looking at the Milky way in my dream. I could see the Dark Rift and I could see Orion and His sword getting closer to the center of the Dark Y, like the Snakes Mouth.
Think This is our Window of Opportunity to Get things right. If not Doom On. End Game. The Great Spirit is coming back. He is Close. He is the Bright white Light Like a Star. This Revolution has to be one of Consciousness and awareness. But the whole World Seems it is disconnected. Nobody is ready for this message. Nobody Is Ready to Change. Nobody can get their Heads out of their Asses. Everyone is Seduced By the Serpents. Seduced by the Glamour and addicted to the Easy Lifestyle this "white" Serpent has Brought.
The IDLE NO MORE protests are at Least closer. Maybe It WIll Happen. But Idk. My Native Brothers and sisters are even blind to the illusion set in front of them. indoctrinated. Enslaved.
WE Can't Keep living the way we are Living. We can't keep building the way WE are building. I Dream prophetic of Deforestation, OIL is 666. WE have to stop the production of Plastics. WE have to Stop all destruction to our Great Mother Earth. BUt everyone Is a zombie disconnected from Her. They Mock spirituality. They mock Prayer. I have the Saints at my back. But my faith and self Belief has not been so Strong either.

WE have New car commercial every week! or it seems. BUt I've Stopped Watching TV for few Years now. I can Hardly Stand the sound of Music.
WHY Does everyone think they Deserve to Drive a vehicle? We are Reaping and Raping our Earth. Her Black Gold BLood. Her Green Lungs. Her Coral Kidneys.

The Dark FOrce is a strong one. Even I has been a fool. And I Still know Nothing.

BUt I do feel We Might Have a Chance. But that is pushing it. Please Pray. And Don;'t Label Me a shill.
Everything has to Be Labeled to you doesn't it? Can't You Even imagine a world without Labels?
Are You not tired of the Unnatural being more and more NORMAL only because it is becoming more and more common? WE are So Lost and out of Touch it is Ridiculous. IS there any HOPE! Violence! Vegging OUt playing War Games, Technocratic world Separating US from our neighbors more and more. All IS Meaningless, All Is Vanity. It Is true. WE Really Are Sinners aren't we.
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