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Message Subject I could Be the Nobody, and I feel like I've failed..
Poster Handle DreamWarrior
Post Content
Dreamed of UFOs and Invisible shields like they are soul Traps.
Dreamed of The Television being a portal for Evil. S-t-ns Tool. Inside I saw the Pentagram and Fire and a Long Haired Rocker and Evil spirits trying to come through. Scary. I was in a room in a level of H-ll. Many ppl laying around feeling liek shit and stuck like a dark round room like a slum. Mean people and Hopeless people. Some together and some alone. A man was trying to Rape a woman She struggled and he HE stepped back. a GUy came forward and said Rip our Her ****. Thats when I freaked out and Tried to LEave trying to pull her and another leggless woman out of that place. I HEard a voice telling me this Place where all unclean spirits are. This is h-ll.
I go in and out of the spirit world when I sleep. My search for truth has been frightening but also incredibly extraordinary. Traveling many worlds and dimensions. Where I glean knowledge and wisdom and truth.
I saw our Universe and How it is connected like a web. Like the Largest Web of Neurons you can Imagine. And the Souls and energies Travel through the connecting tunnels of stars and galaxies to other hubs where there is a higher concentration of stars and things.
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