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Message Subject I could Be the Nobody, and I feel like I've failed..
Poster Handle DreamWarrior
Post Content
I've seen a Dragon of White Light Destroy a Man upon him Seeing Its Light. Seeing Its light is Knowing it. And The Power of Its White Light was too immense for him that he was instantly Destroyed. And I Pray To God That that soul was not Mine.

I've gotten so ungrounded that my bodys energy has been depleted and I have become physically exhausted and weak from so much.
The Most Simple Swear words are so much more Harmful and dark than many realize. In the spirit You can feel the evil vibration of the F word. Rap Music Is Dark. SO Much Music Is. HOw Can We stop the Illuminati? We are all Sheep and we are all divided. We are so arrogant and prideful. I know there is Good OUt there though. and I know There is Confusion. GLP KNows this im sure I dont even need to say It.

I am sorry If what I am saying is becoming scattered. My head can become a whirlwind. and I Mean No Offense to anyone. Forgive me. Even Rebuke me.

What Can We do? What Should We Do? Shouldn't We try to save our World? Shouldn't we try to make this a place where our Creator would be pleased to come into? Shouldn't we try to clean up our messes? Salvage what we Have left? Can We set aside our differences and Practice love and Compassion and forgiveness? How many of You even know how to successfully forgive?

Can we get organized and stop waiting for someone else to do something? To Stop waiting for STHTF? And Just Let go and live this life? This Most Amazing Experience We are having right now? Pain and Pleasure?
Yes maybe I am Delusional. Or Maybe Not.
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