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Message Subject I could Be the Nobody, and I feel like I've failed..
Poster Handle DreamWarrior
Post Content
I had Vision and Heard that People Will be put on islands, (and I had the knowing that they would seem desperate)
and they will Dig for Gold and Silver because that is what they Worship.

I also read and heard in my mind upon awakening from a sleep that "the Hindi eye in the hand shall be cast out"
believe what you will. You Decide.

I am beginning to believe that the third eye may be the park of the Beast. The Illuminati Eye of Lucifer, Eye of Providence, Think Maybe that it is subliminally Triggering like mind programming for us to dream or experience symbolically or connect spiritually to the Evil of S-t-n?

Like The Lord Of the Rings WHen the Dwarves are Digging deep into the Ground, they Find this Evil Power? Jsut as Digging in a Dream is supposed to mean your waking self or You are experiencing Digging for knowledge, searching, reading etc for something.

What if it makes your mind Dig to the Evil? Like a Trigger.
I think it does or can.
I am afraid to watch lots of stuff now.
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