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Subject A true copperhead story.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
When I was young, Chinese jump ropes were a big thing. One day I went to my grandparents house. I usually went to the backside entrance.

I thought my sisters left the jump rope on the steps. I was about to grab it, but my instinct to go inside and grab a few oatmeal cookies overwhelmed me. I was fat kid.

My grandma was the best baker, cook in the whole world. Got my cookies and went back to the side porch to retrieve the Chinese jump rope.

The jump rope was moving on it's own. Turns out it was a copperhead snake.

I would of been dead if i picked up that so called jump rope.

What kept me from picking it up? I was nearly inches away from doing so. Sometimes I just think something else guides us.

Still here. Thank God. Guess my gluttonous saved me! Or an Angel.
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