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Message Subject Good luck all my GLP peeps......XOXOXOXOXO!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I just know the next 72hrs is going to be super intense no matter if anything happens, changes, starts to change, or is just ordinary and normal. Everything is going to be so ramped up, and every little thing will be magnified. If we as humans can manifest our futures...WOW. You can almost feel all the energy. If your on the edge, try to relax, whatever will be, will be. Try to enjoy the ride. This is a once in a life time experiance no matter what happens! If something big does happen, all hell will break loose or at least seem too. Hug your families, say a prayer, hope for doom, drink a 12 pack, kick back and watch the fireworks, whatever floats your boat. I wish everyone good luck and hopefully stay safe. Peace! XOXOXOXOXO

Be safe! and Thanks! Peace!!!!
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