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Subject America! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty... For tonight, we dine in Hell!
Poster Handle Dr. Acula
Post Content
America! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty... For tonight, we dine in hell!

The midnight hour has struck!

The day of great anticipation has arrived in the Eastern Standard Time Zone.

America is a lil late to the December 21st arrival party… haha
For the most part its been December 21st for several hours on Earth.

So America its our time to celebrate the birth of this new day.

An historical day… a day to be remembered!
One of the greatest days in the history of humanity!
A day 25,772 years in the making!

This is my *GLP 2012 Badge for anyone who wants it. Keep it as your medal for being here at GLP during this once in a **“429 Lifetimes Event”


In 6 hours and 11 minutes the Grand Alignment of our sun and our galaxy will be at hand! The speculation, the debates, the fear, the hate, The arguments… will be over… we will know once and for all… the answer to the greatest 2012 question.

“What… Will… Happen?!”

Its finally HERE!

Our time period will either be looked backed upon as a case study in mass hysteria…
Or it will be looked back upon as the era of the great change and/or Great Doom.

Either way… Historical… will this day be!

I myself believe that today will pass peacefully to the 22nd and the GLP Effect will have killed the doom…
If so… make sure you thank a Fandango Ranger on the 22nd 1rof1

But if I am wrong… If doom does happen…

If… the worst case scenario does indeed… occur…

Then my friends… Tonight we dine in Hell!

I’m having a Rib Eye steak and a bunch of dasbier

*(That badge is unofficial and has not been approved by GLP and/or its staff/owner(s) as the official GLP 2012 Badge… I just thought of it 10 minutes ago haha)

**(25,772 divided by 60 = 429)
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