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Message Subject the movie "Millennium" could explain Sandy Hook & Aurora, Co.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Think about it, up till 3-4 years ago all Scientist claimed Time Travel too be Impossible...now some are starting to come forward and recant saying that indeed it is possible...

who know what breakthroughs science will make in 200 yrs...remember in 1812 we did not have electricity

here is a little more plot from the movie:

"Between Louise's recent visit and exposition in the future, we find that because of pollution, the human population of the future is no longer able to reproduce, except for Louise who's pregnant with Bill's baby, though that fact isn't revealed until the very end of the film. This is why they have been abducting people from the past and keeping them in stasis until a future time when they will be sent into the far future. It is hoped that in this far future, the Earth will have recovered enough that humans can repopulate the planet."

is it so far fetched to think that scientist from the future could not make time travel a reality and come back and grab healthy kids & adults to "save the planet"?
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