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The Ultimate Fail

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 4837034
United States
12/21/2012 11:22 AM
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The Ultimate Fail
We wake and rub our eyes on this morning to another dawn, just another day but it was not supposed to be, this morning was to be the end. For years, the doomsayers, would be prophets and snake oil salesmen have been touting this day as the end of life as we know it.

One or many disasters were to befall us, leaving our world unrecognizable and killing billions. The cycle of the ages would be renewed but at great cost to the beings on Earth, great and small. Unimaginable horror and cataclysms, never before seen were to be the order of the day, peddled by fearmongers who seem to feed off the growing fear and anxiety of the gullible masses.

Earth's citizens from all walks of life began to prepare, massing food stores, weapons, ammo and securing loctaions to ride out the inevitable end. So-called safe haven areas began to be overrun with those seeking refuge, prompting local officials into action to calm fears and close areas off thought to be safe. A palpable sense of fear could be detected in many of Earth's citizenry in the lead up to the end.

Our loathesome and despicable media fanned the flames of these fears, all the while riticuling those who would prepare for it. Even in the face of recent disasters, Superstorm Sandy for example, the media continues to bash those wacky doomsday preppers. I can almost hear them now... "How dare they have a generator, food and warmth, when so many have not prepared and will go hungry?" but I guess this is just symptomatic of the way this nanny state this country has become and a topic for another time.

So, we can all look upon this day as the ultimate doomsday fail, the grandaddy of of all predictions that went bunk and we can dust ourselves off, pop the hatch on the bunker and get back to the daily grind, returning to the day in day out tedious misery until another doomsayer comes along with another date.

Ask yourself this question though...

Will this be the first day of the rest of your life OR the next day in the search for the end?