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Message Subject UPDATE: Sandy Hook Inconsistencies Abound - Survivors from Ms. Soto's class - Censored by WTIC radio
Poster Handle GladioDaddy-O
Post Content
Cohen lives at 22 riverside rd, which is just past the firehouse, practically next to it.

His driveway is set in a bit.

If they had made it out of the building on their own in the middle of a gun battle, they could have made it to cohen's house by running up dickenson ave. (which is basically the driveway of the school coming from Riverside rd.)

Thing is the school bus driver. If she saw them somewhere along the rd, why would she walk them to cohen's house? After they told her about the shooting, why would she go PAST the firehouse/first aid squad??

But walk them past that, down a small dirt strip, and sit them down in some random driveway?

So who was the "man" talking harshly to the children in the driveway, as mentioned Rosen's interview w/ Fox?
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