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Message Subject UPDATE: Sandy Hook Inconsistencies Abound - Survivors from Ms. Soto's class - Censored by WTIC radio
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Okay, bear with me- for several days after the shooting, we were told that the entire Rousseau class was killed. Then, after days of reporting that they were all killed, we were told that a girl in that class DID survive, she played dead and then ran to the firehouse to safety, found her mother and said all my friends are dead but I am okay. According to the article I linked to, the first responders knew that the Rousseau entire class was dead because there were "14 coats hanging up in the room and 14 bodies in the room." Well, did the girl who played dead and escaped that class just happen to remember to take her coat, cause that would have been 15 coats and 14 bodies- or is this another discrepancy in what we are being told?? Stuff just doesn't add up, the biggest thing that doesn't add up is that 27 bodies were removed from the schoolhouse in the middle of the night without one photo or video from the media of bodies being taken out of the school, or even a photo or video of the vehicles carrying the bodies away, and that is not the kind of thing the media would have missed if it happened. The media would have stayed right where they were, camped out near the school, and gotten video and photos of at least the vehicles taking the bodies away. But no, the bodies were whisked away in the quiet of night, and not one piece of evidence that they were ever removed at all, and lots of other things we are being told are not adding up. For days, we were bombarded with these images and reports from Sandy Hook, and now we don't hear a peep about it. Have they realized the story they gave us is unraveling?
I know I ask too many questions, but too much of what we are hearing does not make sense.
Bottom line, if the child played dead and then escaped, she must have either a)not worn a coat to school on a day where all of her classmates did, OR b) Somehow after everything that had occurred, she just happened to remember to take her coat with her when she fled the scene,the lone survivor of her class. Either way, it's weird and unbelievable to me. I was never referring to the children who were found injured and died later at the hospital, I was referring to this "miracle survivor", who somehow escaped from a classroom where there were 14 coats and 14 bodies, confirming that all the kids in that class died.
P.S. This whole thing reminds me of "Wag the Dog", the purpose being to take away ALL citizen guns.
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