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Message Subject UPDATE: Sandy Hook Inconsistencies Abound - Survivors from Ms. Soto's class - Censored by WTIC radio
Poster Handle GladioDaddy-O
Post Content
We need to find out definitively how many kids were in Soto's class. The original Courant article makes it sound like only thirteen based on the word "remaining" ; six were killed while the seven "remaining" were found in the closet. The new Courant article doesn't mention the kids in the closet at all, unless I missed that.
 Quoting: GladioDaddy-O

If this class picture is correct, it looks to be 13. I'm confused by the reports that the six kids found at Rosens house were from Sotos class but the news reported that six kids had tried to flee Sotos room and were killed. That's 12 right there. And we know that 5 were casualties.

IMAGE ( [link to sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net] )

 Quoting: CaraAnn

Even if all the kids from her class aren't in the picture, it does not explain the major conflicting details in the Hartford Courant reports cited at the top of the thread.

Can't be attributed to "fog of war," "confusion" or "stress".

How many started out in her class that day?

According to reports, 6 of Soto's kids ended up at Rosen's, 6 were killed, and 7 were found in the closet.

Exerpt from the Courant 12/15 11:44pm EST

"Police investigators were still stunned Saturday by the scene they encountered at the school a day earlier, in particular by the seven surviving but shocked children hiding silently in the closet in Soto's classroom.

Officers found the children during the initial, rushed search of the building for survivors.

"Finally, they opened that door and there were seven sets of eyes looking at them," a law enforcement officer familiar with the events said Saturday. "She tried to save her class" he said of Victoria Soto."

[link to www.courant.com]

Note the level of detail. Don't anybody tell me that's "confusion," or "fog of war."
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