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Message Subject UPDATE: Sandy Hook Inconsistencies Abound - Survivors from Ms. Soto's class - Censored by WTIC radio
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

On air, he said they left while he was reloading. If they were hiding in the closet, how would they know if he was reloading? Did the closet door have windows? Wouldn't make a great hiding spot if it did...
 Quoting: GladioDaddy-O

6-year-old kids would NOT go running out to escape just because they heard the guns stop. 6-year-olds would not escape all together like that and run down the road!!! 10-year-olds MIGHT do something like that. Maybe a couple of 6-year-olds would be that brave to venture into the hall where a scary man was just shooting, but I know children that age, and they would still be cowering in the closet until found. This must be a lie!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27493239

That is a very good point, never really gave it much thought but I think this is pretty true.
 Quoting: Krystle|Ann

Consider how that relates to the official timeline.

Lanza's gun jams and an undetermined number of kids run out.

If you go by Sedensky's summary, this happened before the first cops arrived; thus they didn't see the kids running.

Remember, by all media accounts right up until last month's release of Sedensky's report said Lanza went to Rousseau's FIRST and then to Soto's, and killed himself there.

In his summary, Sedensky is unable say which room Lanza went first. I repeat: after 11 months, Sedensky can't say which room he went into first. Think about that. The ambiguity is significant.

It just doesn't add up.
 Quoting: oidalG 36580764

Considering Cario's leak to the Courant (that Soto's kids stated they didn't hear anything until a gunman burst into the room) I think two gunmen may have burst in simultaneously--one into Soto's, one into Rousseau's. That's why so many shots were heard, so many shots later needed to be accounted for, why Gene Rosen described the sounds as [fast] "pop-pop-pop-pop-pop." Just a theory. Still doesn't explain lack of blood or strange parent behavior.

If two shooters burst in simultaneously at, say, 9:05, though, and the children had literally been deceased for almost 45 minutes before they were found, I don't know; I suppose if officers literally forbade anyone to enter...

But it's still unrealistic. Chapman headed out the front door at a run, supposedly, with a wounded child; Cario and Dragon each took out one or more children each, and kids in Soto's room ran through blood, as well as Hatcher in Rousseau's room who was "covered in blood." That's still just too much blood, imo, to remain 100% contained.
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