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United States
12/21/2012 02:38 PM
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Do you really want obama to destroy what america is all about?

I say heck no with a quote " For man shall choose his leader if he is defined, But if the leader believes in deception! Then we shall remove him with the hand of honesty"!!!

I don't see how in america with the legislation and laws being in place to hurt american citizens then protect our profound rights. The mission that he lied about is to influence world powers to see america is weak and in need of a political change by other nation. But I say we should have that choosing by our own americanized hand! How could you think you could lie to our faces and put decetion when we knew how to tell what a lie was? So now I ask for all people to stand up and not worry about doom! and our country more! I want to see the space age come about in our future and not a nazi seperatist movement that destroys who we are. Stand tall for our great nation and open your eyes to the faults they protrayed on us! Began a transition into the future with are hands and knowledge of this beautiful place! This is zulu and all I ask is for our american people to stand tall and brave for which we are! And see that it's our future and not there's! Thanks and live long and prosper!

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The truth is out there! Now let's fight for it if its not given to us ;)