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Make your OWN DOOM

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 12786780
12/21/2012 06:25 PM
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Make your OWN DOOM
All these doomers on this site and all you do is crave doom, I love that word c-r-a-v-e just so well......

You are so sick and tired of your life that you need doom world wide doom mass death, you need change you need freedom.

Well folks here is your wake up call, Go and get it!!!! make your own doom; stand up; man the fuck up and go nuts. Why wait for a unicorn when you have the power!! you are the center of the universe, this world is built around you and you control your outcome. If doom is what you need MAKE IT.

Stand up against the people that control you, tell what to do what to buy what to look like what to be, well fucktards wake up and fight back.

Your whole life you have tried to be what they want, well instead of being what they want how about you find out what you always were,,,,,,

Untill we rise against are slave masters and show them WE ARE THE GODS they will always rule use in this fake world.


(this post was is not to be taken as a battle cry but for only as a fun way to poke doomers. I DO NOT RECOMEND ANY ACTIONS THAT COULD HARM OTHER SLAVES)

Legal shit done.
Dr. Greenthumb

User ID: 18812755
United States
12/21/2012 06:43 PM
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Re: Make your OWN DOOM