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Pareto Optimal NOT is the answer

User ID: 1430445
United States
12/21/2012 06:31 PM
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Pareto Optimal NOT is the answer
Dems will crash to market if Repubs force us over the cliff. Maybe even before. But the repubs are acting out of spite. In any case this is the one time in economic politicking where Pareto Optimal can be overlooked, each concession will make one portions less well off, and that is OK.

On the other hand if we weigh it carefully and you who know how to do this know what I mean. It won't hurt so much. Combine with "Sealed bids with negative values" and this will be palatable. you all know what I am sayin'. Fair Division is a study unto itself and this is not new ground. Use what we already know works. For God's sake this is not rocket science.

You vacation taking toads. No lunch until you work this out.

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