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Message Subject Gene Rosen Debunk Thread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
school buses have radios...and drivers have strict policies...

I have yet to see anybody ask "what did this female bus driver do after escorting her charges into a strangers house?"

Gene is not quite clear on that point...

Did she stay in his house with the kids for hours while parents came to pick up their children?

Did she leave Gene alone with the kids for hours while parents came to pick them up?

Just because you don't know who the bus driver is [or if she even exists] there are still ways to verify his story[ies]

Being a parent of 4 kids myself..sure I would be ecstatic to show up on his doorstep and find my child alive...but as a parent, in the aftermath, I would be extremely angry that this bus driver WAS ALLOWED BY HER DISPATCHER [he mentions her radio'ing her 'office' in an interview] to leave my kids with a stranger for hours...rather than taking them directly and immediately to the staging area next door.

Connecticut School Transportation Association
[link to www.ctschoolbus.org]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1280257

It should also be noted that when he does finally change his story from "the parents came and picked them up" to "they were walked next door to the fire station" that he still does not refer to THE BUS DRIVER walking them over...he claims he did it, himself.

It should not be a difficult thing to verify exactly who this bus driver was as he claims, regardless of who took them to the station, that she contacted the "office" [presumably the bus garage] to obtain the kids parents phone numbers...

The dispatcher will know who this driver was...
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