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Message Subject Gene Rosen Debunk Thread
Poster Handle Da Cat
Post Content
He also can't seem to make up his mind on how many adults were with the children. Sometimes, he says bus driver, other times, teacher. Sometimes the bus driver/teacher is a male, sometimes a female.

He also got to see the casualty list "later that day" meaning the day the children were in his driveway. The day of the shooting. The day when the casualty list hadn't even been released yet.

And why not bring the kids to the firehouse since it was before Rosen's house. Makes no sense that they'd just go to some stranger's house and sit in the driveway.
 Quoting: JustCinnamon

Not only that, but if some unknown people are shooting up a school a stone's throw from his house some adult is going to park some kids on his front lawn in a circle? They have no idea how many shooters there are and the likelihood they might be loose in the immediate area. Most kids in that
position would be a mile away before looking back, adults or not, or at least beeline for the firehouse. Defies logic.
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