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Message Subject Gene Rosen Debunk Thread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Grampa peeps is so creepy that I no longer can view any video from him. The guy is full of it, creepy, weird, to pleased with his acting and its obvious he's a fake player in the game.

Listen, what would a school bus driver with kids be doing out of school at 9:30 am. No buses should be there at that late hour since school is in full operation. Why did the school bus driver not follow their training, call it in and rush the kids to the fire station rather than grampa pedo's house for some juice and teddy bear time.

This whole story is so phony it makes you sick.

The fact this freak show can't keep his shit on straight tells anyone with a functional brain this is BS.

For you little groupie shills pedo filing this thread. Were onto to you, you sick little perverted aborted fetuses.

We see the reality your trying to cover up and will discuss the facts as they are shown to us.
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