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(UPDATE) This is whats really going on!! Check this out..

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12/21/2012 08:37 PM
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(UPDATE) This is whats really going on!! Check this out..
What is going on around the world! It will be the 22nd of dec where a pole shift will be completed and we will see 3 days of darkness! In these times I would like to see more moralism along with care towards anything and everything!

This date has been predicted and maybe put here for our warning on planet earth. Mayans 5,000 years ago knew who are father was and what he attributed to earth and it's growing society. Today though we don't know truth from lie cause no one consciencely cares to say the truth. If in that fact we side to be deceptors and not truth sayers, Then where will we reside in the future for our next generations! I only want to warn and love all human beings on planet earth that an imminent disaster shall strike the earth with a flawed blow and we will commence in the 3 days of darkness. So keep strong and prosper! For zulu will be here one day as your potus to save humanity from total distruction and proceed into the space age . ZULU OUT
The truth is out there! Now let's fight for it if its not given to us ;)