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Message Subject The National Leader of the KKK: Gun Control and Obama
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Neither GLP or myself endorse the KKK or white supremacy.

What we do endorse and support is free speech. You can't go around claiming to be a free speech outlet and then deny certain people or groups access, that's censorship.

Because of Hollywood and mainstream media hype you probably have a distorted view of what the KKK is. Much of what has been said is correct and much isn't.

If they are to be your enemy... fine, but at least know thy enemy.

Anything less is ignorance.
 Quoting: Person445

Trinity has made it CLEAR that this isn't a "free speech" web-site. This web site doesn't advocate any such thing.

Although a LOT does fly here, and I think trinity is a pretty reasonable admin considering a LOT of the stuff he lets fly.....there are certain religions and viewpoints that are clearly not welcome here (anti-jew, muslim, pro-black, etc)
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