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The Bush Crime family has alienated the very people who have been at the forefront of America's intelligence efforts.

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United States
02/08/2006 08:53 AM
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The Bush Crime family has alienated the very people who have been at the forefront of America's intelligence efforts.
February 7, 2006 -- The Bush Crime family has alienated the very people who have been at the forefront of America's intelligence efforts. Here are two articles that point to the disgust and frustration intelligence officers have with Bush, his neo-cons, and their criminal activities against the United States and the world:

From the "Unknown Siginter:"

headphones.jpg (4215 bytes)

America WAKE UP!!!!

Remember what they promised you at the start off this War on Terrorism? How they are compromising our rights daily and declaring it legal. BULLS**T! When did you give up your civil rights. That’s like telling the police that is OK to speed since the speed limit hinders your ability to go fast. When did it stop being “We The People”? I read that every Democracy become a dictatorship in 200 years. Is that where we’re headed?

General Michael Hayden should be in JAIL! He violated USSID 18 (United States Signals Intelligence Directive 18). The lawyers that blessed this, if any, should be in the same cell! I just know this wasn’t the case. The zealots that did this are the same types that Had the “AMERICA love it or leave it” stickers in the late 60s. How can you break the law while pretending to upholding it? Which side of that fence are you really sitting on?

I know, you are just after the terrorists. So why are the people that allowed this to happen in the first place still working in the same organization? Unless of course there another more insidious plan already in place. What next? Sanctioned torture? Oops, we’ve already got that one!

We turned into a nation of sheep and we are standing around waiting for our turn to be fleeced. You all might want to read the Constitution and the Bill of

Rights while you still can to see what your giving up.


And from former US Army Counter-intelligence Special Agent Dave Debatto:

The End

For the past several weeks now, we have had to deal, as a country, with the realization that the Pentagon, the White House, the NSA, the Justice Department, and who knows how many other federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies have been secretly tapping into untold thousands of telephone conversations by U.S. citizens since 9/11, all without a warrant. President Bush has admitted these acts on national television and radio and has told us all repeatedly that he has both the legal and the ‘moral’ authority to do so. The congressional vote in 2001 for the president to use ‘whatever means necessary’ to protect America, as well as his role as ‘Commander in Chief’ give him that authority, Bush claims.

This week, U.S. Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales is testifying before congress on the legal justifications the administration has for the warrantless wiretaps. Mr. Gonzales, a staunch Republican ally of President Bush and himself the subject of raucous confirmation hearings in late 2004, will try to explain why his DOJ feels that the federal government owes no explanation to anyone when conducting warrantless wiretaps on U.S. citizens, as long as ‘they’, the feds, believe the citizens being illegally bugged, are in some way connected to terrorism. We need to just ‘Trust them.’


What the Bush administration has been committing since 9/11 is just a good old-fashioned felony, pure and simple. You can dress it up all you want, divert the issue, credit the All Mighty for the authority, call critics traitors and launch retaliatory investigation. But at the end of the day, you will still have a felony being committed; actually, in this case, multiple felonies.

There is no wiggle room in the forth amendment to the U.S. Constitution that protects the “right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures…” In addition, every state has its own laws prohibiting warrantless wiretaps. Some are actually more prohibitive than the federal law. When I was in training to be a police officer as well as during my Army Counterintelligence Special Agent course, it was drilled into our heads that we were not, under any circumstances, to secretly tape record any conversation without a warrant, but also to ask the other party we were speaking with on the telephone if it were alright if we did tape the conversation. If they said no, you did not record the conversation. That sounds pretty clear to me. It was also pretty clear to every police officer and counterintelligence agent I have ever met. There is no ‘gray area’ within that policy. It is solidly based in federal and state constitutional law as well several precedent setting cases decided in many local, state and federal courts over the past two centuries. No ambiguity, no confusion, no special ‘war time’ clause; nothing, nada, null, zilch, zip. Cut and dry.

What makes this particularly infuriating to me and most law enforcement and intelligence professionals is that there is no reason for it. The administration has staked its claim on the necessity to move at lightning speed in order to tap the phones of suspected Al-Qaeda and other terrorists before they catch on and change phones, or some such logic. Again, this is unnecessary and misleading. The FISA statute (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) allows for application of a warrant up to 72 hours after the wiretap has been established. Now I’m not very good in math, but it seems to me that FISA gives someone up to three days to notify the special intelligence court after they have listened in on the suspect’s phone conversations. Does that sound about like enough time to let the court know you that you have just eavesdropped on an American citizen’s private conversation without due process? It sure does to me. You also need to know that since the establishment of the FISA court in 1978, over 10000 warrants have been applied for and only one has ever been denied. Pretty much of a slam-dunk, wouldn’t you say? Then why in God’s name can’t the Bush administration do their warrantless wiretaps, (regardless of whether or not you buy into their ludicrous ‘ticking time bomb’ scenario), and then notify the court as the law stipulates?

For the life of me, I have not heard one administration official answer that one simple question in all the weeks this controversy has been on the front burner, and I have tried to hear it, believe me! Why is the after-the-fact warrant or court notification so much of a burden on these people? Surely, they have enough law clerks at DOJ that can follow up on these cases. I mean, with a recently announced 2.7 TRILLION dollar budget, there must be some small change left over for such low level paper pushers, no?

Folks, cliché or not, what we are witnessing here with this blatant shredding of one the most important of our constitutional guarantees, is the beginning of the end of the republic. Make no mistake about it. When a sitting administration, through it’s highest officials, willfully, knowingly and arrogantly violates the laws of the land as well as the sacred trust it has with the American public, then the end of the government as we know it is right around the corner.

If nothing else, we have been a nation of laws. That has been one of the primary differences that set us apart from the other countries of the world. In order to remain so however, the nation’s government, as well as its leaders must also obey those laws. To do otherwise is tyranny.

What we are witnessing today in the United States at the hands of the Bush administration is nothing less than tyranny. Therefore, we must, as a nation of laws and as a free republic, stop this tyrannical behavior from brining our form of government down. Sadly, we must begin proceedings for the impeachment of President George W. Bush immediately. Nothing else, it seems, will prevent a cataclysmic ending.

God bless America.

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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 62166
02/08/2006 10:01 AM
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Re: The Bush Crime family has alienated the very people who have been at the forefront of America's intelligence efforts.