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Message Subject If you held "The Caduceus" What would you do?
Poster Handle Perseus7
Post Content
mr 2.2 the question is do you embrace the tree or the void/U

[link to imageshack.us]


 Quoting: Perseus7

That looks like a Lion.

Is that Solomon's ring or something to do with Judah?

The stone is black... interesting.

 Quoting: Uncle Mikey

In my hands it is the same as Solomon's. The top stone is actually dark red but goes black when full of dark souls that I have reaped. I empty it to Hades and it goes back to dark Red. The black monolith does not show up normally..it looks like the Kingdom of heaven regularly, or some type of Golden city..but the picture showed the negative side which would be the Hades Gate. and yes the Lion's mouth around the Hades Gate is there too. My mother instinctively brought it to me around Harvest time, just as I began to have a major awakening and full understanding of my past and the mysteries of the universe. I have been hunting down all demons and evil entities for a couple months now with good success. I do have the black ring as well with 3 stones like eyes as well as others.

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