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Message Subject If you held "The Caduceus" What would you do?
Poster Handle pi
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It's the best way to stay healthy. My dad is the chairman of Immunology at a prominent research facility so I kinda have it in my non Enki uber blood to understand medicine at the fundamental level. When I studied the endo-cannabinoid system and realized the degree of corruption blocking cannabis legality I knew it was the beast at work for certain. When I discovered it's relation to the actual Tree of Life I was floored and that is when the awakening hit me like a ton of bricks, I happened to read the revelation about the Tree of Life and my life was not the same since, starting getting visited from Hermes/Gabriel or whatever it was...shrug lol. Then the next day my mother showed up with the Caduceus ring ahaha.. fml. It was near my birthday in late Oct...Oct 21st ...7*7*7 whohoo
 Quoting: Perseus7

This issue is one of the things that gets my right kundalini channel firing, Pingala "the berserker".

Words seriously cannot express how pissed off the whole "war on drugs" makes me. It's almost like the bastards aren't just stupid and money-grubbing, but actually want society to HURT.

The fact that cannabis and psychedelics (Schedule 1 OF COURSE) can help with awakening/enlightenment just throws gasoline on my rage. They'll pay duly for those lies.
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