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Message Subject If you held "The Caduceus" What would you do?
Poster Handle Perseus7
Post Content


Yeah hey? They popped up so fast. No evil there by the looks of it. LOL
 Quoting: Perseus7

the funny marijuana post.. lol. the jade stones always bring those up when I mess with them in the box. the last time I did people were making posts about Egyptian Reggae..ahaha.
 Quoting: pi 20063747

1rof1 some are pretty hilarious
 Quoting: Perseus7

ya oh boy here we go...

Thread: God ,,, DEMANDS ... the life ... BLOOD ... of man.

the tree and rose..lololol life and blood, they can't help it bless them sheeples
that alone should prove I'm the driver here lol..but w/e.
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