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Message Subject If you held "The Caduceus" What would you do?
Poster Handle pi
Post Content
 Quoting: pi 20063747

lololll was just gonna link that ;p

I put this up as my facebook background a bit ago ...

[link to images.search.yahoo.com]
 Quoting: Perseus7

i don't like being cyptic, but in todays's world it's the way it should be.

 Quoting: Synergy

It always has and always shall be the way it is shared.
 Quoting: zeebaron

It should not be cryptic at all, it should be the most plainly honest and straight forward thing ever. It may appear cryptic to those who cannot understand though. Deceivers use riddles and half truths to appear as though they are wise etc..don't believe anything that is not openly from the heart..

God demands the unholy pact of betrayer and deceiver be broken. The tower and garden restored. Reject the evil ways.

Embrace the truth.


 Quoting: Perseus7

Exactly, the very point of it is to say EXACTLY what you mean to say, to ONLY those you wish to say it to.

By the way that picture is fucking magnificent... to be perfectly frank!

Fairy Blue hf
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