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Message Subject If you held "The Caduceus" What would you do?
Poster Handle Perseus7
Post Content
Imaginal Psychology is a recent branch of psychology which considers soul to be psychology’s primary concern. Central to this new discipline is the idea that the 'soul' expresses itself in images, and that care of the soul requires that we pay great attention to the images we 'inhabit'. This approach to psychology draws on a variety of spiritual traditions, the religious beliefs of indigenous peoples, mythology, literature and poetry, Deep Ecology, and social critique.
 Quoting: observation

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

does this /z\ fit our topic
 Quoting: aether

I came up with this already GOD DAMMIT! broccoli

LOL. Except I would have called it "quantum psychology".

..."quantum" makes things sound cooler by the way. cool2

Maybe I ought to dig up some of my essays, actually a lot of them are pretty relevant for this place.
 Quoting: pi 20063747

ya quantum is right. dude take a look at everyone freaking out..just skim the thread titles ahaha..
we are causing a quantum shift just by flowing these thruths out there into the "Aether" ahaha. We got the Perseus constellation, Synergy, Pi, and Aether..we got this shit on point. Are you guys all real people? lol I am..
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