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Message Subject If you held "The Caduceus" What would you do?
Poster Handle Uncle Mikey
Post Content
:RaphF: :)

 Quoting: B1LLY


You just seriously read my mind!

OMG. I was going to upload that.

Look at the fish on the bottom of the angel on the Coat of Arms...

[link to upload.wikimedia.org]


I think the two bears represent Luke (Ox) and John (Eagle).

The 'fish' make me think it's reaffirming a Christian connection.


I truly believe there has been a Global Conspiracy to Genetically Engineer the 'One' for a very long time now.

In the case of that Coat of Arms, I would guess they are trying to make "The One" in the center... the 'White Horse'. I was atonished that the little cross that the lamb was holding matched with the chair.

He has a little Staff waiting for him too I guess.


Whoa... I just noticed that the Green Dragon in the Rebis image is like the Green Lion 'eating the Sun' (VITRIOL/Acid purifying matter)... and it's ready to dissolve the planet!


Note that the Green Lion sometimes has seven stars or 'seals' that it must 'break'...

green lion

In other words, it's like a global 'self destruct' mechanism, related to the Seven 'Vials of Wrath' of Revelation.


Is it trying to devour the Christ Child?

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