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Message Subject If you held "The Caduceus" What would you do?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
here ya go!

All you know is hate.
All I hear are lies.
Empty words from an empty man.
Even when I'm spitting blood
I'll be the on to take your throne of lies
Even when I stand alone
I'll fight this battle surrounded on every side
So tell me
Who do you think you are
I will never be
A hollow ghost
Without a name
What makes your blood boil
What sets your skin crawling
This is where I belong
Oh I would sooner freeze walking with my back towards the sun
Head first
Into the darkness
Watching liars and cowards
Turn and run
I am the man in the mirror
Waiting for a chance to break this glass
I will come through
And sweep you off your feet
This fearful place
Will buckle at it's knees
Lend our brothers hand
To pick up the weak
What kind of man
Turns hid back on everything he stands for
Jsut to be part of the crowd
You're no man at all
But as for me
I would die for what I love
And I will
Show you the man I am
So forget who you are
I hope you choke on your words
Every single word
Leaving you breathless.

There is a reason I had to go to anger manAgment!

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