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Message Subject If you held "The Caduceus" What would you do?
Poster Handle Michael_
Post Content

 Quoting: pi

Gots 3 personally... Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism. peace
 Quoting: pi

Michael explained it quite well on your thread I believe

 Quoting: Nice Bootes Billy

... I faintly remember.

I'd check and find out for sure...

But there's no way I'm digging down in that mess...

 Quoting: pi

Oh the Kali Yuga?
the hindu does explain it well, but I feel it is beyond our known religions.

we have the devine masculine and devine feminine as the creator force(s)
On every planet there will be a dominance of either force, after some time, since free will exists.

If a planet has a dominance of one force for a great cycle, there must be taken action and a restoration of balance.

The part that has dominance must accept to surrender to the less dominant force.
This can be done by act of incarnation into matter, and submitting to the less dominant force on behalf of all matter and spirit on the plane or planet.

this ritual should restore balance
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