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Message Subject If you held "The Caduceus" What would you do?
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
Yes but I did not choose to be who I am.

If Christ or Buddha were alive and walking about in our society, chances are they would both be homeless. Certainly their intrinsic balance would go to waste.

Certainly their word would fall on death ears.

We have reached a point where just one "Average Joe" is more capable of harming society than an average Buddha or Christ is capable of fixing it.
 Quoting: pi

You chose who you 'are' with every breath. Every action. Every thought.


You feel a little dishearten love.

Perhaps you might think of meditating and see if your ponderings reveal clarity.

On the subject of Christ and Buddha...

The 'unmovable stone' cares not for 'deaf' ears, as there are always eyes and ears to touch.

The point is attraction.

One attract that with which it resonates. All else is chaff.

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