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Message Subject Reposted: Sandy Hook Massacre - Some new leads
Poster Handle MonikerRestraint
Post Content
have you tried christopher manfredonia?

based on the details, it seems that the Uzar's were producing their own weapons and selling them. Chris could have been involved alongside somehow probably as an agent for the Uzar's when dealing with customers in the south (florida), while Junior operates up north in the locality at a local gun store.

is copper used in manufacturing assault rifles?

could one of those rifles have been used in the massacre?

also, didn't police raid a gun store that supposedly sold the weapon to Adams mother? - any connection to any of these people?

I was under the impression that Christopher moved from Florida to Connecticut, and not the other way around. Like he got into trouble in Florida, and was called back to Connecticut by Senior.

Or if Chris moved to florida instead it could be that he had sold the car privately to the Lanzas, and the Lanza's still have to take their asses to the DMV.
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