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Message Subject Reposted: Sandy Hook Massacre - Some new leads
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Impressed by the amount of research you did. I know that was time consuming. We should have more people like you on GLP.

Did they implicate the wrong car? Conceivable, since all the facts were messed up at the beginning.

Did they take that car because it had a gun in it and so they thought it was Lanza's car?

Did Lanza somehow fool that guy into driving him there?

Just throwing out alternative questions.

Appreciate your digging.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1478493

I remember being under the impression that Rodia's name came up on the scanner because they were checking his ID after cuffing him.

There were some who claimed that Chris Manfredonia was another name read off over the scanner, as the ID of someone who was cuffed/ in custody.

I did not listen to those 2 parts of the scanner audio myself.

Does anyone have solid information as to whether rodia's name was mentioned only in conjunction with the registration of the car, or only as a cuffed perp, or both?
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