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Message Subject Reposted: Sandy Hook Massacre - Some new leads
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I remember being under the impression that Rodia's name came up on the scanner because they were checking his ID after cuffing him.

There were some who claimed that Chris Manfredonia was another name read off over the scanner, as the ID of someone who was cuffed/ in custody.

I did not listen to those 2 parts of the scanner audio myself.

Does anyone have solid information as to whether rodia's name was mentioned only in conjunction with the registration of the car, or only as a cuffed perp, or both?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30642382

Chris Rodia was not at the scene of the crime (or atleast not to anyone's knowledge) and the only time he is mentioned in Scanner's is for owning the suspect car.

Chris Manfredonia was at the scene of the crime, considered to be the shooter or "2nd shooter", wearing camouflage and seen running into the woods. The police searched the woods and later pulled him out in handcuffs. He later claimed to be there to help his child's class build ginger bread houses. He is also the athletic director of Fairfield Warde High School in CT, but this connection was not established until just recently. His daughter survived the incident.
 Quoting: GreadyGeniu$

I was pretty sure that was the party line.

My next question is, did anyone verify this party line in any way by the broadcast over the scanner itself?

Because, if you would notice, the official line on C.Manfredonia is crapola.

He was supposedly not yet in the building, but had arrived to help his daughter with their little project. Then heard shooting.

So, would the athletic director of another HS run away from cops when they arrived, and lead them on a chase through the woods?

Would the athletic director of a HS run away from the building where his daughter was and hide in the woods before the cops got there, and remain in the woods cowering until some cop looked up into the woods and say "hey guys, there is some guy loitering in the woods, send the dogs and get him?"

NO, NO, and NO.

I say Rodia was at least one of the 2 guys cuffed, most likely the guy who ran to the woods, who was then marched by the crowd and put into the front seat of the police cruiser as testified to by the moustached man on video, and who was later identified obliquely in a presser by LT Buttface as a "woodchopper".

The other guy who was cuffed was cuffed face first on the ground somewhere on the road between the school and the firehouse, as verified by the young boy who clearly witnessed it.

And then there is the report of a maroon and black van with its back window shot out that fled the scene.

I haven't seen any good verification of that.

Maybe one of you alphabet soup intel boys who still have a soul and is monitoring this thread could sneak us a tip or two on your break from a disposable cell phone?
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