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Message Subject Reposted: Sandy Hook Massacre - Some new leads
Poster Handle GreadyGeniu$
Post Content
Wow I think I may want to become a reporter now this is too fun.. Not MSM of course.. Just investigate and report the truth!

Anyways.. I just got in contact with a Scire that knows Chris Rodia and possibly the Lanza's.. I am going to ask them some questions but I wanna make sure I ask the right ones the right way so I dont get shut down. Any suggestions??
 Quoting: GreadyGeniu$

Whatever you do, just be casual about it, like a friendly conversation, maybe start with one simple question, get the answer, then follow up with another and go back and forth. Build friendly rapport so you can squeeze more info out of them. Don't make them nervous and ask too many questions at once, just simple casual what's up type questions.

Maybe even make up a story how you are old classmates, learn about where he went to school and what class, say you just want to catch up.

Where is Chris Rodia now? Is he in jail? Free on bond?

We need to solidify the Cassandra & George Jr. brother/sister bond, how are they related?

You can be real sneaky and somehow verify if he in fact does own a black Honda Civic, not by asking directly, maybe make up a story asking if his Honda Civic is still for sale? Say you saw an ad for it a while ago and called about it and now you are ready to buy it. If you get a response that Rodia does not own a Honda Civic, there you go.

Definitely cover your tracks and use false ID, fake e-mail. These people are some nasty kind of shit.

Good luck.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30664940

Thanks I was thinking along the same lines of asking about the car as if I saw it for sale and had been looking for Chris. I will def let you know how it goes!
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