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Message Subject Reposted: Sandy Hook Massacre - Some new leads
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Some of you may not want to believe this, but here's what I think I figured out.

Christopher Rodia doesn't own the car with the license plate 872-YEO. That may or may not be Adam Lanza's mother's car, or his car, or some other person's car. But it's not Rodia's.

I am from Connecticut. I have listened to the audio scanner stream that is used here, and I know that the guy who hosts this particular feed is monitoring several frequencies, including state police, Greenwich CT, New Canaan CT and Darien CT police.

The problem with this Youtube video is that it pieced together several audio feeds. It's not an actual tape of the radios being used at the school and only those radios. There is a lot going on, including calls unrelated to the shooting. Right before this, an EMS call goes out for a person with neck pain.

You have to listen a few minutes before the Christopher Rodia name is played.

A man with the same voice who calls out the Rodia info says at 10:00:33 a.m. (25:02 in Youtube video) "33 to Headquarters, motor vehicle stop."

He comes back on the radio at 10:01:12 a.m. (25:42 in Youtube video), in between shooting-related calls about getting "buses" aka ambulances, he says "722-ZHA, radar," meaning that the MV stop was by radar of a car with that plate.

He is then not heard from for a few minutes. Presumably this is when he is walking to the car and speaking to the driver.

At 10:06:13 a.m. (30:43) he's back, "33 to headquarters. Run the operator." Then it is hard to hear because of the encrypted radio transmissions the Newtown police are using. The feed of the Newtown police was edited together with the other feed, which is called "Fairfield County Police, Fire, and EMS" in Radioreference.

It's easier to hear what the officer making the traffic stop is saying if you listen to just the "Fairfield County Police, Fire and EMS" feed archive, which can be found in Radioreference's archives.

He says "Run the operator. He has a Florida license and out of Connecticut as well. Name is Rodia R-O-D-I-A, Christopher A. Date of Birth is August 6, 69."

Dispatcher responds "10-4."

So, the cop has the operator's driver's license. He's not running the plate. He wants the dispatcher to run the name through their computers to check for warrants, etc. What happens during the rest of the traffic stop isn't heard on the radio.

My assumption, based on listening to radio calls on this feed in the past, is he was stopped in one of the towns monitored on this feed, like New Canaan, Darien or Greenwich. That is because, as you can here at times on the tape, state cops call out their number and then "to G" or to "A" which is the barracks they are based out of. This cop calls the traffic stop into "headquarters."

So, my conclusion is Christopher Rodia, a sketchy guy with sketchy criminal connections, just happened to be stopped at the same time of the shooting in a nearby town, and at the same time a cop at the scene ran the plate of the car Lanza or whoever used to get to the scene and left a shotgun in.

If you weren't listening to a scanner feed archive and were instead listening to the actual radios being used at the scene, you wouldn't have made the connection between Rodia and the school, so there's no reason for him to be investigated, because both he and his car weren't there.

Take this as you will, but this satisfied for me what I agree was a very interesting/possibly sketchy situation with the car.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18359766

You have, actually, provided a better case here. Here's how:

Let's assume your claim of Rodia's car having a different license plate than 872-YEO is true.

Lanza is related to Rodia is related to Uzar is related to Coppola is related the the Barbara Lanza-Coppola is related to the Christopher Rodia, 42, and Cassandra Scire is related to ADAM LANZA.

What's the probability that at the exact time that Adam Lanza is supposedly gunning 26 people down that his cousin, Christopher Rodia, is stopped and his name read on police band radio???

Can you say about ZERO percent chance of that?

You have inadvertently made the case stronger. We know that Rodin is a Lanza relative. You cannot disprove this.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30703151


Coincidences are not evidence or anything but someone linking to unrelated events.
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